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Warblade 3.5

Touch attacks are horribly easy to make, which makes this wonderful. Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise. Draconic Aspect can be a powerful ability as well.

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Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. It's Stance of Alacrity, with the rest lagging far behind. The Bonus feats are slightly limited but include ones that you'd probably take anaways. Disciples of the Sword Feat Listing Chapter 2: Plus, if you factor in all the penalties you get for raging At least for me, I am willing to invest at least 3 feats to acquire melee weapon mastery, and maybe eventually work my way up to weapon supremacy.

That's what makes the spiked chain so awesome, isn't it? Some builds that I've found useful or illustrative: If, by heroin, he warbade "a good game" then yes.

Warblade Dualwield (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

At 6th level and higher, you can no longer be flanked; you can react to opponents on opposite sides of you as easily as you can react to a single attacker. Sapphire Nightmare Blade isn't bad, but it isn't staggering.

ToB is the closest thing to a book that was actually balanced in power that WotC ever released in 3. He charged, slicing the umber hulk's mandibles off, then striking it seven times more before the creature's jaw had clattered to the floor.

Feat-wise, let's compare Leap Attack and Shock Trooper on a charger build. A lot of mediocrity. PC Reactions Governments, churches, and spy rings love to employ warblades.

When wielding a two-handed weapon, you gain 1. But frankly, Weapon Specialization is better. Not bad at all if you plan on going Shock Trooper; combine with Wall of Blades for extra fun.

Do not attempt to call anyone out. Every four levels thereafter at 9th, 13th, and 17th levelyou choose another bonus warblase from the list.


You begin play with warbladw of one 1st-level stance from any discipline open to warblades. Craft - If you have your heart set on being a master smith or forging warheart weaponswell, indulge yourself. And if they are hitting you, you're not going to be piling up bonuses.

Lightning Reflexes - While not as great as Fort, your Ref save will usually be high enough. For example, as a 6th-level warblade, you could take Weapon Specialization, since you're treated as being a 4th-level fighter for this purpose.

Anyway, this is the epitome of mediocrity.

Is the Warblade Broken? - RPG Crossing

Mounted Combat - Mounted combat is an unconventional style for warblades, but it can be very effective. Literally, you can't go wrong if you tried.

Taking a Tiger Claw stance also allows you to take sudden leap Tiger Claw boostwhich is a great choice that requires that you know another Tiger Claw maneuver. While you are at it, look up Dragonfire Inspiration.

Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords

Climb - You simply don't have enough skill points for this. Its not bad, but the application is a little narrow. Suddenly, you will find yourself being able to hit a lot more often, and doing a lot more damage per hit as well. Warblades can move, initiate a standard-action strike for respectable damage, mix in a swift-action boost and still perform a counter when it's not their turn. Knowledge Local - Same as above, but history is often more useful.

It lets you close on a faraway enemy or change places on the battlefield easily, being basically a charge that lets you move freely.

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