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Aerobox system of sleek

The System includes 4 DVDs. Find More Posts by slysam. So that's free-ish right?

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The lower body exercises are squat focused, and there is a very challenging single leg squat move. It is more challenging than the Pro workout, and really ups the aerobic and sculpting challenge. Sgstem More Posts by slysam. It is a welcome change to those who want a challenging, straightforward workout.

The level of choreography is pretty basic.

Videofitness Workout Reviews: Aerobox System of Sleek

So that's lf right? The Max workout clocks in at about 56 minutes and is a circuit interval training workout consisting of rounds that combine punching, sculpting and jumping. The speed is slow enough for the novice to develop good form on the punches. Last edited by GotToBeFit; at That is a great price.

Fit Tip Friday: Aerobox System of Sleek

The jumping sections use a jump rope and provide some variety with the inclusion of 1-legged jump which I am not yet strong enough to dodouble turns, crossovers etc. Contact Us - Video Fitness - Top. I don't have Jump Sculpt or Aerobox or this set. Originally Posted by Fit Gal Yep, it was just a matter of time. I also couldn't beat the price, so I caved Exercises are done at three speeds: Pro and Max The Pro workout clocks in at about 46 minutes and is a circuit interval training workout consisting of rounds that combine punching, sculpting upper and lower bodyand jumping.

Except for the Express workout, the combos are short: I ordered, too, as I've been curious about Michael and this seemed like a good priced set to give him a try. I have only made it through about 8 minutes and it is truly a challenging workout.

The disk includes 3 premixes: Is it lower impact? All times are GMT Fight speed is done at twice the speed, and provides sleej good aerobic challenge that is upper body based.

It would be good for those who do better at remembering combos than I am.

The Express workout is at a different level, however. Video Fitness reviews may not be copied, quoted, or posted elsewhere without the permission of the reviewer.

Find More Posts by Fit Gal.

I would never listen to this music, but it really helps me follow the workouts as I can do it without even looking at the screen most of the time.

I caved this morning as well and already marked as shipped.

Aerobox System of Sleek 4 DVD Set & Guide Workout Michael Olajide Jr

Those who like complex punching sequences will find the punching combos to be less than inspiring. It is ideally suited for those who like simply choreographed athletic workouts. Thanks for posting this One of the things I like is how other then the Serene Flow the music cues me at least with the tempo of the aerboox.

It builds on the basics from the first disc and combines them in different ways. Find More Posts by debbied.

Michael Olajide's new Aerobox:

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