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Just look at their author guidelines: Register Client Login Client Portal. We've succeeded because we've got the best authors in the world and we've got them because we make it the best place to sell. This site is now just an archive over the rise and fall of Flash.

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You can also make money on FlashDen by selling your own files or by referring new members. What's the secret formula? The flashdsn was lessened by the fact that the most important parts, the authors and the files, didn't change. Other sites have tried doing marketplaces, but FlashDen have really succeeded.

According to those guidelines, art works dating back to flsahden middle ages are still under copyright! This current design not only includes a slew of new features, but can be easily added to when the need arises. He loves playing with new technology and he is convinced that the moment you stop learning you die creatively speaking.

I'd been doing freelance for years using stock photography before it hit me that I could be on the other side of the table selling stock and making passive income rather than vlashden.

FlashDen Rechristened after Adobe Copyright Claim

Looking to add some spice to your websites? This site is now just an archive over the rise and fall of Flash. The rest flashdeen history. The old design was great, but we finally reached a point where the current design couldn't sustain all the great ideas we wanted to implement.

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A couple years ago I got to meet Collis and Cyan, the founders of FlashDen in a spacious, cool and worn out garage in Sydney, Australia. ActiveDen site manager Lance Snider Q: Oct 21, Not flazhden did you redesign, you also had to change the name of the site to ActiveDen as well?

You then browse about and using your cash fladhden purchase and download items. The fact that we are a global company is what makes us so special. Have you heard of someone else changing his name because of flash? Get fflashden own domain now!

You can always make sure of our web design services if you need help integrating the flash into your website. Just after the redesign, the change became much more extensive as they were asked to change their name as well.

Flash Den - Flash Templates and Websites, Premade Flash Components

Only registered members can comment. An argument can be made that thousand of other similar services are out there, using the same term as FlashDen did.

Click here to login or here to register. FlashDen was a the brain child of freelancers Collis and Cyan Ta'eed. Our authors are the lifeblood of FlashDen as they're the ones who actually create the content.

You can then use those items flashfen your own projects or client projects.

All you need is some basic html knowledge. Though it may seem like a major shift, the community and the content are really what made the site what it is, not the name. Yes, we've recently changed our name from FlashDen to ActiveDen.

FLASHDEN | FlashDen | Free Listening on SoundCloud

FlashDen is a community site that's been around for years and they recently did a major redesign. FlashDen becomes ActiveDen FlashDen is a community site that's been around for years and they recently did a major redesign. For Flaashden users, these changes will not affect any of the site's structure, expect the URL and logos, everything remaining the same as it was until now.

Another great thing about being global is that we're not limited to the best people in a specific region - we've got some of the best people in the world.

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