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Yogventures pre alpha

Corey Skipper on December 24, It plays great for me. Hello and welcome to the Yogventures! What will Yogventures be like?

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We promised there'd be "more than just changing skins" and to that we've held true. We want to say Thanks so much! Yogvntures support has been nothing short of amazing and you all should be congratulated it's you that deserve all the credit July 19, One last update from Winterkewl.

Yogventures Pre-Alpha v Released - Just Push Start

Thank you to everyone that has pledged so far! This update fixes a fair few of the bugs already reported to us yogventjres the players. Always get every possible scenario in writing or you will have no legal recourse.

Stay tuned for future updates and progress reports.

Please send all your thoughts and bugs to us using this form: All that's left is to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Our business model may have been naive but it's still one of the best things I've ever made from scratch and for that I'll always be grateful to all the backers.

We'll invite you to join us while we film an episode of Shadow of Israphel and you will play a part in the adventure! A full copy of Gogventures on PC and Mac! We'll do everything we can to make the kind of game that will make YOU proud and look forward to sharing the fun in the future!

January 20, Yogventures Pre-Alpha v0.

Yogventures Pre-Alpha v0.04 Released

May 27, The Forums are going live, in an orderly fashion! Hi Everyone, Sorry I didn't respond earlier to the news the Yogscast announced earlier this week. I do think the TUG team have a lot of similar goals, and if that's the developer that the Yogscast have chosen to continue Yogventures with then I hope that NerdKingdom will do their best to reach the goals the Yogscast have for Yogventures and if they do then hopefully everyone will win and get the Yogventures we all wanted yogventurees see happen.

Wait wheres "The Cloud" located cause i backed this up i never knew how to download it. May 2, Beards And Castles!

Yogventures! by Winterkewl Games LLC » Pre-Alpha v is Released! — Kickstarter

Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on February 3, Dominic and ammon according to the records you both pledged to get the "Alpha" level reward, we're still in "Pre-Alpha" at the moment, but are working hard to get Alpha ready and released. Their artists and programmers are long-time veterans of film and game companies - working at the highest levels of production.

Support Select this reward. We can't honestly predict how long that is going to yohventures yet but soon as we have progress to show on both fronts we'll make another update and video.

Sorry for being such a Jerk but Winterkewl plz help!!!!! And of course this means we'll be launching an even more epic and amazing video series to run alongside the release of Yogventures - potentially even featuring maps that you have made.

As most of you know we hit a number of technical problems with that early prototype engine we had hoped would be robust enough to yogventurws Map Makers to create epic adventures in.

So, like I said all of those numbers are not completely vetted, once I get all the data formatted I'll come back and post again.

Learn more about accountability. Needs your support and votes on Steam Greenlight!!

What will Yogventures be like?

We know it's hard enduring through missed deadlines and unplanned delays and we thank you all for sticking with us and giving us the time we need to develop the many difficult and demanding, yet super fun features of Yogventures! Where should I go for the latest Information?

The reason they haven't shipped any of them yet is because some of the physical rewards require the game to be shippable and items like the soundtrack created etc. Trevor on December 27, I need help here please, I've backed 25 dollars, and it said I would recieve alpha qlpha Nika Cholokashvili, someone hasn't been following the updates.

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