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The blind swordsman zatoichi 2003

At first, I didn't get the bleached hair; I didn't get the profound deviation from the Shintaro Katsu series of movies that made me want to see this movie to begin with. The Best Movies of Zatoichi wanders into a town run by sinister gangs and a powerful samurai.

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There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. The war escalates and the Tokyo drifters decide to lay low at the beach. Redeem a gift card or swordsmzn code.

However 'Zatoichi' has a cool protagonist, a dangerous villain and bloody, realistic action. Customers who watched this item also watched. A great film concept with introduction of CGI for the violent scenes.

The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi

Koji Koike as Boss Funahachi. The film ends with a dance number led by noted Japanese tap dance troupe The Stripesand Zatoichi walking down a trail and tripping over a rock, saying "Even with my eyes wide open, I can't see anything. Zatoichi shows up at a time of violence and oppression for the townspeople, and slowly helps as he bonds with those he meets - whether it be the geishas seeking revenge for their family's slaughter or the kind farmer forced to pay excessive amounts for protection.

Slate - David Edelstein. Duels, wit and a touch of zen! Moreover the acting is good, there are several intense moments The story could be better developed since there are pacing problems, needless secondary characters and a guy who behaves like a geisha. The boss of a major crime syndicate orders his lieutenant to bring a rogue gang of drug traffickers in line, a job that gets passed on to his long-suffering subordinate.

Zatōichi ( film) - Wikipedia

Cult director and star Takeshi Kitano's revival of the long-running Japanese series is a kinetic, highly stylized piece of filmmaking. List zatooichi Zatoichi episodes — Zatoichi Japanese theatrical release poster. Hattori Genosuke Michiyo Yasuda The fights in this film make the likes of Kill Bill look even more ridiculous than it does already. Add the first question. Yet, their life decisions still find a way of catching up on them.

Maybe it's the Western world viewing expectations, maybe it's me. Zatoichi's Conspiracy English Subtitled. Films directed by Takeshi Kitano. Less blood and more use of angles would have greatly improved the visual effect of the scenes for me. Zatoichi Challenged English Subtitled. What was most lacking in this sworvsman was the score and accompanying music to tell the story alongside the visuals and story.

It is easier to appreciate this very fine samurai film due to its formal rigor especially with such a great cinematography and score than to enjoy it, since its narrative structure suffers from being a bit overplotted and has too many characters in constant fight for screen time.

The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi () - IMDb

Kitano stages the whole yarn in a very theatrical style, with extremely exagerrated bloodletting, combined with an excellent soundtrack to fit with the rythmic moments and movements from the characters, tne workers plowing the fields or rain pattering off an umbrella. Zatoichi begins life as a straight-up samurai movie, evolves into a slapstick comedy and ends as a rousing, tap-dancing musical.

This film is a shebang, a full-scale show, complete with everything you would happily pay to see: The film's plot follows a traditional theme, with Zatoichi a blind swordsman coming to the defense of townspeople caught up in a local yakuza gang war and being forced tne pay excessive amounts of protection money.

Violent and bloody, carefully choreographed and filled with dry humor, Takeshi Kitano's modern take on the classic Japanese character is a unique vision that's told with confidence. This swprdsman contains spoilersclick expand to view. The zatoichj ends with the entire cast in a dance routine and a gag shot of Zatoichi at the start of rhe credits.

Aug 24, Full Review…. See all reviews.

Gadarukanaru Taka as Shinkichi.

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