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Cyberpunkers epic

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Please try and support the artists and submit their content directly. Other scheduled threads are as follows: Tags from the story. Look for the original source of content and submit that. The Italian wreckage crew is finally back to blast away all Freakz Me Out fanatics.

Cyberpunkers define themself new and drop this three track EP on german Freakz me Ou t at the 3th February. Submit a new cbyerpunkers. Looking for new music?

Want to know what some of the cjberpunkers albums are in the genre? Epic is a bold and big musical step into the future. Don't spam 'Low effort' self posts or personal requests that are more suited to the Weekly Discussion Thread may be cyberpuners towards there at mod discretion. All these elements are jammed together with the typical Cyberpunkers sound, creating a new and exciting hybrid party monster. Musically this translates into stomping Moompunk beats, filtered harmonies and sinister samples.

Cyberpunkers - Epic - Midtempo Dubstep - Electronic Dance Music Community

Cyberpunkers on Facebook Soundcloud Twitter. Submit a new text post. Log in or sign up in seconds.

What is coming out? Cyberpunkers - Epic New youtube.

Doing so will result in a ban. When submitting music we encourage you to use the following format: Epic, Are You Ready and Dungeon. Monthly Releases - please note that these are done fairly inconsistently due to low levels of activity! But wait, this time around the Cyberpunkers did not include earplugs with their latest output. You may also like.

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Reposts within the first 6 months will be subject to removal. This minor adjustment is the chore of all three tracks: Previous article Five Tracks — You know, the italian duo which made an exclusive mix long time ago and released one of the most played tracks in — Fuck The System!

But the profound anger and deep frustration of previous releases is still as vivid as day one. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

No piracy zone, support the artists. With the new year just about to start, this first EP might already be a guide into a brighter future for these two guys. Monthly Releases Monthly Releases - please note that these are done fairly inconsistently due to low levels of activity!

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