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Gelcompar ii software

Comprehensive set of user and security tools, including creation of Users with logins and passwords and User Groups defining specific privileges. Direct comparison of differently normalized patterns through automatic MW remapping functions. Incremental and decremental clustering:

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On-screen normalization of TIFF images with indication of reliability and possible misalignments.

With more than 2, units sold in the most prestigious research institutes worldwide and being used in numerous international epidemiological typing and surveillance networks, GelCompar II proudly bears the gold standard for the analysis of electrophoresis patterns and other fingerprinting techniques.

Retrieved from " https: Direct ii between database and dendrogram. GelCompar is a modular software as detailed below.

Search form Search this site. Distributorship Privacy policy License agreement.

Network licenses are available for any number of users. Advanced database exchange functions using the Bundles concept and XML exchange packets.

BioNumerics is a commercial suite of 10 software modules, used for the analysis of all major applications in bioinformatics: Optional weighting based on number of characters or defined by the user. Any selected information and experiment data for selections of entries from the database can be condensed into a Bundle.

Search for discriminative bands between selected groups of patterns; search for unique and common bands within selections. Adjustable background subtraction using rolling disk method. Imaging of any selection of patterns by normalized 2D-bitmap strips, densitograms or reconstructed patterns. Analysis and comparison of electrophoresis patterns Ever since the first release of GelCompar inApplied Maths has produced state-of-the-art gel electrophoresis software for the analysis of banding patterns.

Binary or quantitative band matching tables are a necessary basis for Parsimony and Bootstrap see Cluster Analysis module and for Principal Components Analysis see Dimensioning Techniques module.

Designed from the outset for large scale gel fingerprinting studies, GelCompar is now in use in more than leading laboratories world-wide and is widely accepted as the standard software for typing and epidemiological applications in public health and clinical microbiology. This page was last edited on 8 Octoberat Adjustable trace-to-trace optimization and tolerance settings for banding patterns.

Control password timeout and strength, user activity logging and data input consistency. To ensure even higher security, the entire database connection and mapping settings file can be encrypted as well.

Applied Maths

Indication of statistical error at all linkage levels and calculation of cophenetic correlation. Perform geocoding and plot database entries on an interactive geographical map based on locations present iu the database.

Statistical determination of most justified tolerance settings for banding patterns. Client functions come with the Database Sharing Tools.

Bundles can be exchanged over internet and opened in a recipient database. Powerful search engine for combined database searches on different information fields and experiment presence, character values, and ranges. BNserver is the web-based platform gelocmpar installed between a centrally maintained database and distributed clients using BioNumerics, GelCompar II or gelcmpar web browser to exchange biological information and analysis results.

GelCompar II was released in to deal with the ever growing amounts of information following the success and expansion of electrophoresis and other fingerprinting techniques in various application fields in microbiologyvirology and mycology. Comprehensive identification reports showing results for each available experiment.

GelCompar II: Gel electrophoresis software | Applied Maths

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Creation of 2-D and 3-D bar graphs, contingency tables, 2-D and spatial 3-D scatter plots or feature plots from database fields and band characters.

Entry description by up to information fields, up to 80 characters long each. Direct comparison of differently normalized patterns through automatic MW remapping functions. Generalized Parsimony in combination with Comparative Quantification module.

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