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Chitshakti vilas

You peruse the newspapers hoping to find a The Importance of God-realisation 7 flattering write-up about yourself. It is also testified to in the Rudrahrdayopanishad —I O ne comes to know that the supreme Shiva, eternal Truth, divine Witness, fundamental Cause of the universe, noblest object of worship, attributeless, formless, unborn, and without beginning, manifests as man—the husband. Leaning on my worshipful Guru for support, his devotees lived without apprehension.

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Chitshakti vilas;: The play of consciousness: Muktananda: Books

This possesses countless virtues. The Guru is perfect.

There are misguided people who hold that there is no such Being either in the innermost heart or anywhere else in the world.

Not only this, the inner music will release celestial ambrosia and you will relish its sweetness. When you go citshakti sleep, you have to put away all your adornments, because even your most precious jewels are of no use to you then.

But finally old age comes and you yourself begin to emit a foul odour O soul of man! It is only by virtue of these lights that your fleshly body becomes The Importance of God-realisation 9 beautiful and you feel love for each other. It is divided into two books.

One sees snakes all around, another sees his own death. He is not only their prana, but also their true wealth. Their devotion to the Guru, meditation and spiritual seeking should be genuine. Even today, power flows from his shrine and photographs. This book is chiefly meant for all those seekers, young hcitshakti old, who follow the Siddha path. You expect to hear courteous words from everyone.

Let Siddna students conquer their senses and rejoice in Kriya Yoga.

You are the pure-souled Guru of the great Gurus. Therefore, practise meditation daily in some measure. I do not know the answer. Will he go abroad? The man or woman whose Chitshakti is activated rises above the distinction of sex In the 16 Chitshakti Vilas external world, such a one may appear masculine or feminine, but in his or her inner being reside both Parashiva and Shakti. Show More Show Less. Make your offering and remember them with a heart full of love.

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They also acquire the ability to guide others in their sadhana. But man, on account of his alienation from God, does not perceive the chitshakgi nature of this universe, which is alive with consciousness.

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So stands for Nityananda and aham for Muktananda. Do not waste yourself away rushing around in search of God in the four directions, nor lose your own soul while seeking inner peace and comfort. By projecting his image of the Guru on an imposter and receiving nothing in return, The Importance of God-realisation 15 he becomes hostile to a true Master and does him gross injustice.

It may automatically enter a seeker at any time. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Everyone asks for something from such an emperor of saints, who, possessing nothing, gives one all that he wants. He is overcome by sadness and depression; he also floats in the joy and enthusiasm bubbling up from within.

Gurudev, who is Parabrahma, is Brahma because he creates for his Siddha students a new and wondrous world imbued with Chiti; He is Vishnu because he sustains and protects them in their divine life; He is Shiva because he annihilates their world of limited individuality.

They should live in accordance with it because they themselves are going to become Siddhas. A Spiritual Autobiography by Swami Muktananda Swami Muktananda's spiritual autobiography is a first-hand, detailed account of his journey to Self-realization under the guidance of his Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda.

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