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Afi 37mm

Never, ever fucking put jesus into anything AFI related. The song uses the word 'we' a lot that is the song speaks for everyone. Ok, AFI is not part of the Antichrist. If you keep killing me, How can I keep absolving? And the whole thing, that could be for many reasons.

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It's music they get paid to make.

Do you fall too? When you see a gun size labled ".

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Your sins into me, Begin the poisoning. Davey writes crazy lyrics so people do this shit. I hate it when people read my lyrics and are all like trying to tell me what it's about.

This is what gets AFI its popularity and large fan base. Bring your secrets to me, Just give me your hands, And I'll let you feel the wounds.

To explain my own, I'm going to look at the EP "". Because they kept those secrets, they were hurt and tortured. One important one being.

I think he's actually addressing the parents of kids who listen to his songs Who gives a fuck if Sfi went to catholic school until 8th grade? That relates to this song in particular because in several scenes the words "we are no one" appear.

So, are you also suffering like I have, or do you want it to just go away by falling into me. Many interviews I've read, Davey said it was his Grandmom's birthday, so that was like a present. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! I meann if you look at the song davey calls himself the human blasfomy and seems to be refering to himself as the anti-christ or some kind of dark being.

Log in to add a tag. Aafi I hope you guys read my At A Glance interpretation. There is a big difference between the caliber scale and mm scale for af. This interpretation has been marked as poor.

AFI - 37mm Lyrics | SongMeanings

This song is about Jesus if one takes into account the words and the religious symbolism along with the title 37 mm you'll find that this in fact is about Him.

You need to diversify a little. We all look at Davey and think he's perfect, and nothing ever goes wrong. Then the second verse is like press me to your lips and I'll suck the poison out, who will heal me. This is saying how, this person will do whatever it takes to help, poison being a symbol for something terrible. General Comment Does anyone else see the love song aspect of this?

They believe in me. There are things going on in David Marchand's life that we don't know about, so I think the song is him saying that yes, he falls too, just like all of us. It still leaves a lot of things unsaid, but that's all I got. Login with Google Error: All are elements of control.

Davey does say that he doesn't make many religious references.

You don't have to stretch and contort the lyrics into fitting the Jesus theory, just let them fall into place naturally.

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