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Fleet foxes battery kinzie

The whole album is telling a story, everything is related. He warns her about wandering in the dawn for fear that she'd be caught by someone. That could explain the line "He paid the wage you sent to me. We do not have any tags for Battery Kinzie lyrics.

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What a spectacular song. He came to look for this woman the narrator in Sim Sala Bimbut she was with someone else. Fleet Foxes — Battery Kinzie. That he is forced to return home alone, again. Battery Kinzie Fleet Foxes.

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A battery is a group of artillery. Also, what does "He paid the wage you sent to me" mean? Perhaps Battery Kinzie is, to the singer, an indomitable force. He means the what poetogethron was foxez but wants to paint the picture of what you said you so you can feel the way he feels. She does get caught. General Comment I thought this song was about a man who lived or was supported by a woman he loved, but who was a prostitute.

He wakes up and realizes what a screw-up he is and tries to get her back, only to find her with someone else. Why not add your own?

Battery Kinzie

This is exactly what robin wants you to do. He might or might not have found another woman.

General Comment Just looked up wide-eyed - which was defined as naive, innocent, he is basically starstruck that a stranger is at his lovers door, and he is forced to leave by the stranger. General Comment I think this about a man who has somehow lost the woman he loves. The "Wide-eyed walker" line may have something to do with being surprised, amazed General Comment This is my favorite FF song. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Wouldn't suprise me if this was the inspiration here. He goes to his old flame's house, to see her, not realizing any time has passed, and she's with another man. First, what does the title mean originally the title was Lorelai? Flag bellababy on February 13, Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu.

In Sim Sala Bim, he left his wife, the woman who is singing the song. It doesn't fit at all with the later verses, but for some reason, that interpretation has stuck with me; I thought it made for an interesting story, at least.

But now, he woke up one morning, realizing that his fingers are rotting, he's lost the life he used to have. Watch you for an hour Bsttery kept you beneath him He kept you on lock and key He paid the wage you sent to me And waste the day so idly alone All the way home.

General Comment I believe this is a fictional story and there could be a child involved. She ends up in a terrible relationship and is trapped there.

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Battery Kinzie song meanings. There are many such tales in which this happens.

He tries to win the child's mother back but it is no use. I think it says "sent to me" because it originally was a wage demanded of robin first. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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