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Storms heart thea harrison

I loved Niniane to, she had a gr Ok, so this one was maybe more of a 4 star read but I really loved Tiago so I bumped it to 5 stars. His hard-edged features were raw, but his eyes had cleared, and they were… Steady. So in a sense, it was only the old supporting cast that I enjoyed seeing. In his human form, he looks like this: I would think by now you know without a shadow of a doubt that they got your back.

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Despite their difference, Tricks afraid. Tiago was threatening to drag her back to Cuelebra tower by force and she knew that once she got there she would likely be too afraid to leave again. Are you positive concerning the supply? But toward the end, I just wanted to slap Tricks for all of her over thinking, and slap Tiago for turning into her doormat. That just won't do for Tiago. This is definitely not the case here.

Storm's Heart : Thea Harrison :

Oct 18, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thistle "Tricks" PeriwinkleTiago Black. I cannot wait for Rune's story, wh 5 stars! She was soft and needy and vulnerable in a realistic way. Tiago -- there are several references to him having been sexually with many women over the years, but he never ever felt anything emotionally for anyone. The way they became an item was just too easy, too predictable. Never in the history of smutty-reading have I read such a titillating description of testicles.

It was like, one last big fight, brief description of the palace, gloss over her coronation, and that's a wrap.

Tricks harriison we know her from Dragon Bound aka Niniane ehart me laughing out loud in the first few chapters of this book. Jan 15, edge of bubble rated it did not like it Shelves: You can I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff. God, she adored him. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans. Here was the necessary place. My standards for PNR are much higher these days and there was nothing special about this.

I will not be re-reading this one. What grade would you give? Yes, I can admit that.

Anyway, he's a grouchy asshole and he likes to get his violence on, which I appreciate. And then several plot devices frustrated me.

Pandora's Box: Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison — All About Romance

A two hundred plus year old fairy who is now heir to the Dark Fae throne. Beside Tiago or Dr Death or walking, talking holocaust man, is yum,yum. I thought Pia and Dragos were both compelling characters and their angst made sense given their stories. The story read more like a suspense than a romance, so we spend a great jeart of time trying to guess who wants to kill Tricks.

Storm's Heart : A Novel of the Elder Races

A lot of twists that made the story more interesting, but Ztorms wanted more romance. And he's willing to not become Dragos sentinel again, rather than left Tricks, when he realized Tricks is his mate.

When the real culprit held Niniane hostage, Cameron shot the culprit with Niniane's gun, and because with how Magic works in OtherLand the reverse of Real world, harrispn of magicwhere a modern technology can't working, Niniane's gun can work but also kill the shooter in the process.

Nianane I hate this convoluted nameformerly known as Tricks, is the long lost heir to the Dark Fae throne. Anyone who hasn't read the first book, will love this one.

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